2017 Young Ambassador Program

Benefiting: High Fives Foundation
Hosted by:High Fives Foundation
Goal: $25,000
$4,495 4 18% Complete

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Welcome to the High Fives Young Ambassador Program. This is an opportunity for competitive skiers and snowboarders to leverage their hard work and achievement to bring positivity into the world of winter action sports. These Ambassadors across the country rep their support for #HighFivesAthletes by reaching out to their networks to pledge their support.

Ambassadors are training harder than ever this season. They are learning from their coaches and focusing on becoming the best winter actions sports athlete they can be.


Griffin MacFadyen’s Story:

Griffin MacFadyen is a young, aspiring professional snowboarder from Dover, Vermont. He caught the attention of the High Fives Foundation after his mind-blowing video edits were featured by Snowboarder Magazine and Transworld Snowboarding, among other channels in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

But it was when the High Fives Foundation arrived on Griffin’s radar that Griffin began to see how he could begin to change the world with his passion for snowboarding. Griffin first began helping by initiating presentations of the High Fives Foundation’s documentary #HelmetsAreCool to Vermont elementary schools to educate his peers on helmet safety and good decision-making. While working on that campaign, Griffin met High Fives Athlete Mike Schwarz, and they immediately developed a friendship.

After the presentations, Griffin began asking his parents what he could do to further help Mike in his recovery. After some discussion, Griffin understood that it was High Fives role to help Mike directly, and the best thing Griffin could do was to assist High Fives in their mission by raising money through his hard training and competitive efforts.

The idea was hatched that Griffin would ask friends and family to pledge money to the High Fives Foundation based on his competitive results during the snowboarding season.

Soon after he started to receive pledges from around the country, Griffin received one from a familiar local name that made him particularly excited… The Schwarz family. Griffin’s pledge had come full circle with his friend and local athlete Mike Schwarz. Griffin’s continued work with the High Fives Foundation has lead to the development of the High Fives Youth Ambassador Program. Now for the first time other competitive skiers and snowboarders have the opportunity to leverage their hard work and achievement to bring positivity into the world of winter action sports.

We’re proud of Griffin and his success. He inspires us, and we hope he inspires athletes across the country to reach out to their networks, just like Griffin has, as they support athletes who have sustained life-altering injuries pursuing their dreams in the winter action sports community.

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